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Whether you're a "beginner bee" or have some experience, we'll make sure your garden is as successful and efficient as possible!

Once you've grown your food (or even if you bought it), you'll learn multiple ways to preserve your food to ensure it lasts the whole year long!

Healthy food should TASTE good too! You'll learn unique ways to prepare food to provide new ideas to spice up your regular routine! 

Nature is such an incredible force and provides so much for us. You'll learn all about responsible foraging, plant and mushroom identification and how to enjoy even more time outdoors.
There are so many safe and easy things you can do at home to stay healthy and support your body when little things come up! You'll learn all about this in the Food as Medicine Membership!

Shannon Morgenstern

Naturopathic Doctor

Food as Medicine Membership Creator
Hi, I'm Dr Shannon Morgenstern and the founder of the 
Food as Medicine Membership!

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I know that connection with our food is KEY to leading a healthy life and keeping your body as nourished as possible.

I'm on a mission to teach people the key food skills that are being lost between generations and help (especially millennials) to learn all about how to grow food at home (and find it in the wild), preserve it to last, ensure that the healthy food you're eating is DELICIOUS and help you dabble in a little medicine-making at home.

The Food as Medicine Membership is a monthly subscription that teaches people like you not only the necessary skills to do all of this, but ensures you find success without having to scour the internet for which method will work best and struggling to be successful.

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